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Looking to purchase Designer handmade rugs that add the final perfecting touch to the interior of your home/office/restaurant? Look no more. We at Rugs by Zhaleh offer the finest quality and most beautiful looking Designer rugs for interior design at very reasonable rates. Thanks to our Persian roots, knowledge, passion, and years of experience we have mastered the craft of making and providing Area rugs for interior design.

Why Rugs By Zhaleh?

Rugs by Zhaleh was officially founded in 2002 but our founder Zhaleh has spent her entire life learning and exploring the craft of rug making. Rug making for us is not just business, it is our passion and we travel all over the world to visit rug markets and learn more about this art every day, gathering new design and crafting ideas. We have been associated with the interior designing industry for several years now, and we realize the importance a rug plays in perfecting interiors and adding that extra bit of oomph that personifies the interior of a place.

We are a very popular Luxury rug supplier in Boca Raton and have been a vital part of this industry for around 2 decades now. We credit our success to our team, our ancestors, and most importantly, the support and appreciation that we have received from our huge customer base. This is why we actively work to provide the best experience for our customers and make rug purchasing a whole lot easier, feasible, and pleasant for them.

The Art Of Customizing Rugs For Our Clients At Rugs By Zhaleh:

One way that we achieve this is by providing Custom rugs for sale. At Rugs by Zhaleh, we firmly believe in the power of customization and personalization. We believe that like every individual has their own identity, their house interior should be the same that resonates with their personality and gives them a homely feeling.

Our motto is that every rug has its own story to tell and with working with our clients to understand their preferences, developing design ideas that call to them, and creating perfect custom rugs for our clients, we make sure that the story that their rugs narrate is the one that identifies with them.

We work with clients and let them be a part of the entire process. We take the floor maps/sizing from our customers and ask them about their preferred fabric, design, color palettes and then show our customers with handpicked designs that best go with their choices. This makes the process much quicker and effective as after detailed research on the clients' interior and preference choices we can provide them with exquisite rug designs and styles that are a perfect fit for their choices.

Our customers are our top priority and it is our primary aim to have a good working relationship with them to provide them with the most pleasant experience when customizing their rugs with us.

Contact us: Contact Interior Designer Rug Supplier Boca, Rugs by Zhaleh to acquire the best rug for your interior at 1-305-448-3777

Interior Designer Rug Supplier Boca

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