Colorful Modern Rugs Are Cool!

Colorful rugs are cool- pick where you go bold in your decor.

Tips on how to use colorful modern rugs :

While your style to bring in a bold rug probably goes along with your powerful personality and lifestyle, choose carefully what areas of the room to continue your bold aesthetics. If you choose to do a colorful area rug with pattern, then you might opt to keep your furniture neutral with minimally patterned accent pillows. If you choose to have patterned wallpaper, use it as an accent wall adjacent to a wall of windows letting in plenty of light and new focal points. Going bold in your interiors is also about balance and still making your guests feel comfortable in your home. These brand new cool and colorful silk and wool Modern Nepalese Rugs provide great options for those of our clients who want to go a little bolder with their rugs.

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