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Ever since we started operating in 2002, Rugs by Zhaley has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of Custom Hand Made Rugs Boca. We work around the clock, all year to collect the best designs and innovative techniques for rug making. This is a craft that is been carried out in our bloodline for decades and providing the best Custom handmade rugs services is something that we are very passionate about. We believe that custom-made rugs are a must for every property interior and a home accessory without which the interior of a house is incomplete. Our passion and dedication towards our work are depicted in our intricately designed, premium quality, highly durable, and very aesthetically pleasing handmade Custom design handmade rugs. So we will let our designs do the talking.

Review of some of our most popular handmade rugs:

1) Brilliance tungsten: Brilliance tungsten in an intricately handcrafted rug from our modern rugs collection. Made using the finest quality material, with excelling lifespan this rug is one of the most sold articles of our shop. It is a perfect fusion of art on the rug, while not going too overboard. The design has a splash color look but the sophistication of the colors used, i.e. dim gold, dashes of purple, and strikes of beige and grey, are what makes gives this rug a very artistic yet sophisticated look, making it a perfect fit for any modern interior area.

2) Serena Earth Night: Another customer favorite from our modern collection is the Serena Earth Night. It features an abstract design in hues of brown blue and white, to resonate with the element of earth. If you are looking for a rug that is modern, premium quality, and gives off very earth/homey vibe, undoubtedly this is THE rug for you!

3) Kyli Blue China: The star seller of our transitional rug collection, this rug is a heavenly blend of contemporary modern, and traditional rug design. It features a floral print with blue and white, splash color technique, making it the ideal choice for those who want a modern look for their interior but not stray too far from the traditional roots.

4) Marseilles Onyx: Truly one-of-a-kind rug handwoven in France by the best artisans pays homage to the old style of France. With a jet black base and gray, beige, and white figures laden in symmetry all over the rug, this rug is much more complicatedly designed than what it first seems to eyes.

5) Avant Geometric Lilac: Belonging to one of our most minimalistic and elegant rug collections, the monochromatic collection, this rug is a customer favorite. It carries a very chic and minimalistic look that adds an effortless refreshing pop of color to the interior of a place.

6) Anatolia Black Yellow: The most in-demand rug from our premium sheep fur collection is the very comfortable, and soft Anatolia black and yellow design. The base of this rug is a shaded black with abstract yellow lines and figures resting on top of it.

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