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Whether you want to add color, texture, and infinite beauty to your room or want to make your living room more appealing and welcoming, get a beautifully designed modern and contemporary rug it will not only reflect your graceful taste, elegant style but will also upgrade your room’s décor and have an amazing impact with the minimum efforts from your side.

Designer Rugs to accentuate your style

Finding an ideal rug that is not only professionally made but also gives the right feels and creates the right aesthetics can be difficult in today’s carpet dominating market.

Rugs by Zhaleh is a designer rug company that offers a massive collection of classical as well as modern rugs in Florida that will accentuate your remarkable style and will bring much-needed beauty to your room. Our designer collaborations have brought the unique and most intriguing pieces of rugs from around the world. Our remarkable collection of Designer Rugs Palm Beach can be eye-catching and overwhelming for every rug lover.

Best Designer rugs by Zhaleh

Rugs by Zhaleh is the only place that is offering some of the best Luxury rugs in Palm Beach. Let’s take a sneak peek at some of our most promising designer rugs that are sure to capture your heart forever.

1) Inspiration 42: Inspiration 42 is a professionally designed piece of art that has been prepared with Bamboo silk or pure silk in India. Bamboo silk being famous for its fine silky texture and its ability to suit well with all types of home décors has made it everyone's first choice. The perfect combination of pure silk and wool in this Luxurious designer rug will bring life and beauty to every room it is placed in.

2) European Fjord: If you are a fan of contemporary designs then this one is definitely for you. This Chinese-influenced Nepali rug is made with highland sheep wool and silk from Tibet. The rich sophisticated colors of black, grey, and ivory are perfect to complement the modern design of your living room as well as your office rooms. Being a true masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship it will bring a perfect balance of warmth, coziness, and grandeur to your room.

3) Naples Blue Sky- R075: Bring a sense of calmness to your room with this Indian woven rug. It is perfect to add some lovely pop of blue, taupe, and beige to your living area. The perfect combination of colors will bring life to your room and will enhance the ambiance of your space to ten folds. The Bamboo silk and the perfectly woven wool make it durable, soft, and extremely comfortable.

4) Anthropology: Anthropology is the perfect blend of brown and gold with the light hues of mint and beige here and there. It is a beautifully crafted piece of rug to cover your floor graciously. It can give the room a formal feel without affecting the beauty of its surrounding negatively. It provides the soft feel of natural silk that is demanded by everyone.

5) Miami Textured Green Rug: When in doubt keep it simple. Our Miami Textured Green Rug gives the perfect picture of simplicity without making its surroundings dull and boring. With a variety of custom sizes available it can make any room lively and energetic either big or small.

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