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About Us

Allen Townsend, our founder, was born and raised in Texas. After getting married to his high school sweetheart Trudy, Allen wanted his growing family to live comfortably. So, he got a job with a national water treatment franchise. But that wasn’t the only water treatment company Allen worked with. He joined other large-name water treatment firms over the years.

During this time, he was passionate about learning the ins and outs of water treatment. Soon enough, he gained considerable water treatment, equipment, and sales expertise. This enabled him to eventually open his own water treatment business. Although this was a dream come true, it took so much time away from his family.

Allen decided to look for employment instead and abandon his dream. However, in 2008, Allen discovered that the company he worked for was making huge profits from misleading customers. Disappointed with this revelation, Allen made up his mind to go back to what he was truly passionate about and ensure that his products were giving great value to his clients. And thus, Alamo Water Pros was founded in 2009.

What Makes Us Unique

We only carry the most reliable, best water softener brands available. All our products have been developed for the ultimate performance, using second-to-none parts to guarantee the least maintenance. More than that, we're:

  • Licensed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) as a Class III Water Treatment Specialist.
  • Members of the Water Quality Association (WQA) that keeps us updated on the latest in the water treatment industry.
  • Committed to using American Sourced components whenever possible
  • Dedicated to ensuring 100 percent customer satisfaction
  • Suppliers of products designed for high flow rates.

And there are more reasons why we’re leaders in the water treatment industry:

  • We have years of experience behind us.
  • Our water softener prices will save you money. We supply the finest quality products built to last.
  • We always test our client’s water before recommending the most ideal solution for their households.
  • Whether it's installation, maintenance, or repair, our expert technicians provide reliable services.

Water Treatment Pros

As water technology experts, we specialize in providing water softening, water conditioning, and water filtration systems. Our team of extensively trained and experienced technicians has seen and solved virtually every water problem under the sun to ensure customers have refreshing, safe, and soft water.

Water treated by our products will make a marked difference in your home. So, whether you're struggling with bad-smelling or tasting water, hard water, acid water, high iron water, or other water challenges, we have a solution. You shouldn't live with treatable water issues when we can remedy your problems.

In addition to supplying water softeners in Kyle, we also offer top-of-the-line repair and maintenance services for all models and makes of water filtration, conditioning, and softening systems. This ensures your system functions at peak performance and keeps supplying your home with soft, contaminant-free water.

Your Go-To Water Softener Suppliers

When you need to buy water softener, a water filtration system, or find a remedy for foul-smelling water, we're your go-to water equipment suppliers. With products from us at AWS, you're assured of having an on-demand supply of safe, clean, and soft water. You'll get the highest value when you install one of our water softeners in Kyle. Get a quote.

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Water Softeners Kyle

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