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Rugs are an intricate piece of substance that adds life to a house. You can go all contemporary or all traditional with how you design the interior of your house, but the essential item that brings the whole setup of a room together is a beautiful rug. Several interior designers globally, have admitted how a lot of people undervalue the importance of a good rug when decorating their home, even though the rug is the key element that brings the whole house decor together. Rugs can be of all shapes, sizes, and styles, and for you to acquire the best Boca Raton Persian carpet, that resonates with your personality, and the interior of your house, we recommend visiting Rugs by Zhaleh.

Rugs by Zhaleh was founded in 2002 and has been the leading crafter and provider of exquisite Persian rugs for sale in Boca Raton in all styles and designs ever since. It is founded by Zhaleh, a lady of Persian descent whose grandfather was an expert Iranian rug artisan, and Zhaleh grew up learning and witnessing his beautifully crafted rugs. We at Rugs by Zhaleh take inspiration from the traditional roots and mix them with the modern contemporary seedlings of today to provide our customers with the most intricately crafted, handmade with love, and aesthetically pleasing rugs. We are particularly famous for our Persian Rugs Boca Raton. We offer a limited edition line of premium quality and design handmade Persian carpet in Boca Raton. We offer the lowest cost of Persian rugs in Boca Raton.

Some of the rugs from our beautiful collection are listed below:

  1. Persian Tabriz Bahesti: One of our most sought-after designs, this Persian rug is also our personal favorite. This rug is dominantly filled with red color with greenish-grey borders and intricate designs of petals, flowers, and huge chakra in the center that contains hues of white, beige, grey, green, purple, black, etc. This piece pays the perfect homage to Persian culture and is the perfect choice for someone who wants to add a traditional or antique touch to their living room or guest room.
  2. Persian Kashan Tree of Life: With a black base, a huge golden-ish beige tree covering the center of this rug, and paintings of exquisite animals and plants of all sorts in different warm or vibrant colors surrounding around and over the tree, this rug beautifully tells a story of its own. It is perfect for nature appreciators’ or those who like sticking to their roots.
  3. Persian Mashad Fioner bunch: A contemporary design, this rug is crafted using earthy color tones and features a symmetrical floral pattern design, the likes of which are common in prayer mats, and bedsheets. This design is a fusion of traditional art and abstract art.
  4. Mud Mashad – Garden of Paradise: This design is amongst our bestselling rugs. It is crafted with a picturesque pattern using vibrant colors. This rug is a sight for sore eyes and its aesthetics are an instant stress reliever.

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