It’s a given- not all moving companies in the Calgary area are as ready for your move as you are. At 2 Burley Men Moving, they take your move just as seriously as you do, and are ready and able to help when the time comes.

For all of your local and long distance moving needs, 2 Burley men is able to get you where you’re going for a lot less than other moving companies around Calgary. They’re dedicated to finding the most affordable way for you to move your belongings to your new place, and simply will not be happy with anything less than your total satisfaction.

Customers are often surprised to learn that the local’s top choice in movers is also the first pick for cleaning. Burley Cleaning offers a wide range of cleaning services that further meet the needs of locals who are moving within the local area. Their complete move-in and move-out cleaning services are affordable and reliable.

Burley Cleaning is just a natural fit for anyone looking for a good, thorough cleaning at the time of their move out, especially for those interested in getting their damage deposit back. If you’re feeling the weight of the stress involved with trying to get your belongings from one place to another, along with the added stress of cleaning when the move is done, count on Burley Cleaning to handle the job. Although they can’t guarantee you’ll get your deposit back, they can provide you with your best chances of doing so.

Do you know of any other moving companies in the Kelowna area that offer move-out cleaning service? We thought not. At 2 Burley Men, they recognize the need in the community to provide more than just reliable moving, and clients appreciate being able to count on one local company for their full-spectrum move-out needs.

The kitchen is often the biggest consideration when it comes to getting your damage deposit back. Cooking and spending time in the kitchen can result in conditions that naturally require some of the heaviest cleaning at the time of move-out. That’s why Burley Cleaning provides thorough kitchen cleaning that goes above and beyond the requirements of your landlord. Their checklist includes:

– Cleaning the inside of the oven, including the racks and drawers
– Cleaning behind and under the stove
– Cleaning inside of the refrigerator, including the racks and drawers
– Cleaning behind and under the refrigerator
– Inside and outside of the dishwasher
– Floors washed and sanitized
– Walls and door frames wiped down
– Baseboards dusted
– Dusting
– Remove cobwebs
– Cleaning insides and outsides of drawers and cabinets
– Blinds dusted and washed
– Disinfecting backsplash and countertops
– Cleaning sinks and shining chrome
– And much more

When considering moving companies around the Calgary area, call the only one that offers complete move-out services that include local moving and cleaning, as well as storage options for in-between moves. Call 2 Burley Men Moving at 250-951-0010 today to find out more about their services. Moving Companies Calgary

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