Modern Oriental Rug

If you’re looking to redecorate your house and spruce up your interior design, you’ve come to the right place.

Nothing screams regality and glamour as does a modern oriental rug from Rugs by Zhaleh.

Whether you're looking for a splash of color or a touch of sophistication, we have it all.

Our wide range of rugs includes Turkish, Indian, and Persian rugs woven in wool or silk fabric using specialized techniques that are sure to be the talk of the town at your next dinner party.

Here are some of our customer-favorite designer handmade rugs:

  • Turkish Silk Hereke Rugs

These rugs are handwoven from pure silk with a finer technique that dates back to the time of the Ottoman Empire. They are extremely large in size and are great for laying out in open spaces in your home.

  • Persian Qum Rugs

These premium-quality rugs are some of the most expensive in the world owing to their ethnic designs and specialized technique. These are the ideal designer rugs for interior design if your home features a red and blue color scheme.

Moreover, their unique patterns and symbols, such as medallions and the tree of life, signify beauty and fulfillment and add to their charm.  Snap up one today!

  • Kashmiri Rugs

Originating in the valleys and rivers of Kashmir, these modern oriental rugs are handwoven with silk by skilled craftsmen from Pakistan, India, and Iran. They feature beautiful floral designs in bright colors that don’t fade away.

That is because they are dyed using an ancient local technique of extracting vegetable dyes to stain the rugs. This gives them the gorgeous organic and rustic look loved by many!

  • Turkish Peshawar Rugs

These rugs are immensely popular due to their pure wool fabric and geometric patterns. They originate from the time of the glorious Mughal Empire when the empire hired weavers to weave rugs fitting for royalty.

These rugs are crafted using a hand-knotted technique using wool and occasionally silk for a touch of luxury. They come in an array of shapes and sizes, in color themes ranging from blue and green to brown and red. 

That’s why they are the perfect area rugs for interior design. Purchase yours today and give your living room the regal look it deserves!

  • Iranian Kilim Rugs

These modern oriental rugs are crafted using a flat-weave technique that adds color between the weaves and knots. They are made using pure wool, giving them the organic, rustic look that distinguishes them from other rug types.

They feature geometric patterns in a wide range of colors and can be hung up or laid out, depending on your interior design, preference, and room size.

Rugs by Zhalah is the finest Luxury rug supplier in Del Ray, offering a variety of custom rugs for sale. No matter your home’s color scheme or style, we can find the ideal modern oriental rug to elevate your home to grandeur. 

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